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Drywall Painting, Repairing, and Priming Services

Looking for experts who can replace your drywall? Not sure whom to trust around you? Fret not! We have you covered with our wide variety of services in drywall painting, repairing, and priming services.

At Hauspainters, we have exceptionally trained drywall experts who are ready to get everything done within a short period. Our experts are well-versed in resolving common drywall problems such as water leakages, holes, cracks, dented corners, beads, furniture scuff, and popping nails. Not just that, after fixing the problem, we give your wall a fresh new coat of paint that makes it look fresh as new.

When Do You Need Drywall Repair and Priming?

A little wear and tear are quite normal in the places where you live or use regularly. If you come across holes, leakages, furniture scuffs, or any other kind of damage in the drywall, then you are not alone. There are so many ways to fix these damages and if you do not have enough time or expertise, we have got you covered with our professional drywall repair and priming services.

Drywall Common Problems and Repair Services

No matter how much you take care of the walls around your house or office, a little wear and tear are unavoidable especially when you have kids and pets around. In short, drywall damage is not something that you can stop. It is a natural process and it can appear from several things that you might not even have calculated.

We have listed down the most common drywall problems that we came across during the tenure of our business:

How Does Drywall Repair and Priming Work?

We provide full services such as:

  1. Hauspainters will schedule an inspection before the actual painting process.
  2. We will identify the leakages, holes, cracks, and any other drywall damages that need attention before painting.
  3. We will perform all the required fixings that are needed for perfect finishing such as filling, repairing, sanding, and priming.
  4. Once we are done, your wall will be ready to paint and look fresh as new.

What Services Do We Offer in Drywall Painting?

Our drywall painting services cover everything from inspection to painting. We have already discussed the procedure above but repeating for good measures. Before the actual painting, our experts will arrange a free consultation session where they will inspect the area that needs to be painted. We will identify every existing damage and bring it to your attention. Once the inspection is done, leave the rest to us. From tiny bit holes to noticeable dents ― we will leave no signs of damages.

That being said, here are the services that we offer under the umbrella of drywall painting:

Why Should You Consider Repairing Damages in Drywall?

Drywall damages are something that needs your immediate attention no matter how small the hole may appear. It can grow up to damage your property and cost you thousands of dollars if not fixed timely. Not to mention, a proper inspection and repairing can instantly add beauty to your property and enhance its market value. It can also make the paint job easy and make your house appear well taken care of.

We highly recommend getting these damages fixed before signing up for a new paint project. Not only will it allow the paint job to go smoother, but it will also make the results impeccable.

Give us a call at 289-274-9299 or book a free consultation and we will take care of the rest!

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