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Basement Painting

Imagine how terrible your freshly painted house will look with a dark and dim basement. The fact that basements typically are used as storage space makes them the most ignorant part of the house. With no windows or sunlight, the place may look weary than it is. So why leave your basement alone when renovating the entire house?

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Why Paint Basements?

Painting your basement does not just mean making it look pleasant. In truth, it is related more to the safety of the entire house against harsh climatic elements. While the roof and stories may look most exposed to wet winters, heavy rains, snow, and winds, it is your basement that gets in the most danger.

Since the basement is the literal ‘base’ of your house, only quality paints should be used that can control and absorb moisture through the walls. Hauspainters’ professional painting contractors are dedicated to breathing a new life into your basement while still protecting it from all the risks threatening out there. Just get your entire space refurbished with a high-quality painting at the comfort of your couch!

Choosing the Right Shade

The first step of giving your basement a makeover is to select the right color. No matter how huge the place is, the shade should always be light. But the interesting thing is that ‘light’ doesn’t mean ‘white’ here. Our painting company is committed to innovation and we would recommend you not to be backed by stereotypes claiming white as the sole color for your basement.

There is a long list of luxurious shades and rich colors which you can consider: beige, lavender, cream, white, grey, taupe, blue, and soft lemon! Either choose one or you can also play with different tones and give your basement a rich, bright look.

Whether you have windows in your basement or not, neutral, soft colors are always best to lighten up space. If not, you can also select a variety of warm and cool tones and make them harmonized with shades of the rest of the house.

Having trouble deciding the best shade for your basement? Our quality painting services include free consultation which you surely wouldn’t want to miss. Whatever your basement type is, Hauspainters will have something for you!

Basement Painting: How is it Done?

After examining your house and agreeing on the detailed schedule, our skilled interior painters will do the job with the finest quality possible. But how? See it yourself:

Painting the Stairs

What do you first notice when you enter a basement? The walls, floor, or whatever let it be, you cannot deny the role of stairs taking you to it. And that gives stairs the most significance since they are the first thing your eyes witness before actually seeing the basement itself.

While renewing the entire basement, you may like to change the look of the staircase as well. Indeed, they can add great beauty to the overall look of the place. Since basements are not much visited, you shouldn’t compromise on the quality of paint. It should be long-lasting and require as little maintenance as possible to give you both ease and comfort.

Sounds confusing? No more worries with Hauspainters. What seems complex can be turned into a piece of cake by just listening to our professional interior painters. Don’t hesitate to avail this chance. Call now!

Painting the Walls

A freshly painted wall is always better than dingy, grey walls. Keep the surrounding of your basement new and bright with colors that don’t dim the place. But is that all? What about the quality of the paint that keeps the place safe from hazardous elements?

You can rely on Hauspainters for making sure the work is done without compromising on quality. Our painting company is acknowledged and appreciated for painting basement walls with paints that don’t fade and peel after a year or two and secure your house as well!

Painting the Floor

Floors require special concrete paints that are not easy to apply. You need paint that keeps its hue and shade for years and doesn’t make the floor rough. Also, typical painting methods can wear out the entire floor.

The floor of your basement is the foundation which is often done roughly. Such a basement becomes challenging when you wish to turn it into a bedroom or a living space, or a lounge. This is where our professional home painting services come in handy as we excel at reviving the look of your basement to the best of our abilities!

Painting the Ceiling

Not many painting contractors commit to painting ceilings as going for the right shade and tone is as important as making it neat and polished. The cleaner the ceiling is painted, the modernized will be the look of the overall place. While crisp white is not a bad option, what is stopping you from playing with the colors? Just let us examine your basement for once and we would come up with the best ideas and paints to enliven it!

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