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Top Tips to Prepare for Painting Day

When it is time to repaint the interior of your home, it is normal to spend careful amounts of time selecting the perfect paint color and looking into hiring professional paint experts. Once your day and time have been decided, there are some steps that must be taken before the actual painting can begin. Leave the painting to the pros, but be sure to do the right prep steps to make their job go smoothly.


The professional painters will take care of the actual painting and prep work for the process of painting the interior. They will tape off woodwork and cover the floors with plastic or drop cloths taking all precautions to protect your space from damage. Before the painters get started, though, you need to do the following.



  1. Clear the walls. Take down any photos, canvas art, mirrors, etc. that are hanging from your walls.


  1. Window dressings need to go. To insure the safety of your drapes, curtains, and blinds it is important to take down all of these and their hardware.


  1. Move your furniture. If possible, move your furniture out of the room and store somewhere else. If this isn’t feasible move furnishings to the center of the room and cover with drop cloths to protect from paint stains.


The colors for your interior will have been chosen ahead of time and mixed, so they are ready to go on painting day. Ask your painting pro about filling in holes, mudding, and sanding to find out their procedures before the scheduled paint day.


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