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Interior Painting Basics

So, you’ve looked around your house and realized the interior walls could use a bit of a facelift. It may be hard to know where you should start, especially if you’ve never tackled a painting job before. Don’t worry, it really isn’t as hard as you may think to cover the walls with a new on trend color of paint. Follow some of these tried and true tips for a great looking paint job for your home.


Getting Started

  • Make sure you have all of the necessary supplies before getting started. You will want to prep your walls by filling in any holes and crack with sheet rocking mud and sand it down for a smooth finish.
  • Tape of any trim, crown-molding, window and door frames with painter’s tape. Painter’s tape will come off without hurting your wood trim or removing paint from the surface. You will also want to put painter’s plastic or tarps over furniture and flooring.


Time to Paint

  • New sheetrock and walls with already existing dark paint will need to be primed to get the best coverage of your paint. For some colors like navy it is recommended to choose a grey primer that won’t show through like white primer would do. Some pros choose to tint the primer to match the color you are painting.
  • You don’t need fancy edgers or other expensive paint tools. A roller and a narrow paint brush will work for most rooms.
  • Most pros will paint the edges first creating a border to paint within once you start using a roller to cover larger areas. Use the narrow paint brush to paint edges.
  • Use rollers to cover large areas of wall using long even strokes until the entire surface is colored. Let dry completely and apply a second coat.


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