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The Best Help for Painting Stairs

Staircases and stairwells can prove to be pretty tricky for all sorts of home improvement tasks like painting or even hanging photos and decorations. In some cases, you may decide to tackle the job on your own, but if thinking about painting it yourself causes anxiety, you may want to consider a couple of key points before choosing to take on the stairs on your own.

  • How high is the stairwell wall? For a home with a grand staircase, whether it be in the entryway or at another location in the home, if it is very high, you will need special equipment. A scaffolding may be necessary to cover the area and could be needed on the stairs themselves. Safety should come first, and if you are unsure of how to use scaffolding or ladders on stairs, it is best to hire a professional company to do the job.
  • Can it be reached with an extension pole? If it is a single set of stairs with walls that can be reached with an extension pole or ladder on the floor, you can probably take care of the job yourself. Painting with an extension pole isn’t a lot different than using a roller alone and utilizing a ladder on a level floor is a job many amateurs are capable of doing on their own.

You may find many DIY daredevils online that post crazy ways in which they made a scaffolding with boards and ladders to save money and fit their budget. These ideas can work, but could also end up costing more for supplies (or hospital bills!) than hiring a reasonable priced painter. If you have been putting off your stairs, you don’t have to wait any longer. Call JK Paint & Contracting today for a professional price quote.