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3 Common Exterior Paint Mistakes

If you are a homeowner, you know that paint doesn’t last forever and the outside elements are especially rough on the exterior of your home. Once you have come to the conclusion the siding needs a new coat of paint it may be tempting to do the job yourself. Painting may seem like a no-brainer after all you just slap some paint on the wood and move on, right? If you have never painted the exterior of a building or house and think watching a few DIY shows has given you all the instruction you need then you may want to read on about some common mistakes homeowners make when painting the exterior of your home.

1. No prep before painting. To ensure you have a paint job that will last it is important to the prep the surface of the wood. Old paint may be peeling from the surface and needs to be smoothed out before applying a coat of paint. Scraping and sanding off old paint helps new paint apply evenly and adhere to the surface.

2. Seal and prime. Carefully sealing any cracks or areas around windows or doors will keep moisture from affecting the new paint. Priming old exposed wood allows paint to apply evenly requiring fewer coats of paint providing for a paint job that will last longer.

3. Paint in the wrong climate. We know time is limited for almost everyone and if you have scheduled a day off to paint you may feel as though it needs to be completed in spite of the weather. If the temps are too hot or too cold or if it is wet can all affect the way paint is applied and how it will stick to the wood. Painting when the weather is mild and dry is best.

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