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Can You Paint Your Exterior in The Winter?

Normally, the warmer months of the year are used for painting the exterior of a home or other building. That doesn’t necessarily mean that an exterior can’t be painted during the winter months, but is most certainly not ideal. You will have to follow some specific guidelines to make sure your endeavor is successful. If you find yourself in need of some outside repairs and painting when the cooler weather sets in be sure to follow these tips and tricks for exterior work in the winter.


  • Temperature matters. If your exterior painting is necessary during the winter months, it must be completed before the temps fall below freezing. A good rule of thumb is for the air temperatures to be at least 35° or higher so paint can set correctly. The temperature of the building must also meet these requirements for successful exterior painting.


  • Use winterized paint. Paint has come a long way in the last decade and more sophisticated acrylic exterior paints have been produced that can withstand lower temps for exterior application.


  • Supplies and application. It is important to keep all supplies such as paint, rollers, etc. stored at room temperature before using to paint an exterior. Once a coat of paint has been applied allow it to dry completely which takes extra time in cold temps which means you won’t want to start to early or work too late in the day when temps can drop.



It pays to consider a professional contractor for exterior painting in the wintertime. Check into professionals who have experience with painting in cold temps so time and money isn’t wasted on an unsuccessful paint job. JK Paint and Contracting is a professional painting company with years of expert experience. For more in-depth questions about exterior painting in cold temps, call JK Paint today.