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Add Color to Your Fireplace

Traditionally the brick around a fireplace is basic red brick with white mortar and can be somewhat reminiscent of a dark and dreary place. In this day and age, you don’t have to feel stuck with old looking brick around your fireplace there are just as many options for color around the fire and you don’t have to rebuild the structure to accomplish a new look. You can add brightness and color to your room by painting the bricks around your fireplace renewing your space and creating a look that fits with your own personal style.

Your new fireplace doesn’t have to be white either. Although white is a popular option for updating the look of a fireplace. Many home shows in TV showcase interior design with white or light grey bricks which may give a cleaner look but can still feel a bit boring or drab. Don’t limit yourself to these light-colored neutrals when the entire color wheel should feel like an option to you. Just like with a rug or furniture choosing a paint for your fireplace can involve a bright color like teal or red to add character and fun to your room.

Another great option is to tile over the brick on your fireplace. This is a fairly new trend in fireplace design and can give your fireplace and hearth a unique and stylish look. There are lots great looking tile options from greys to colorful mosaics. Tiling a fireplace involves installing cement board, grouting, and sealing the tile once it has been installed. If you are in love with the idea of tile but the installation seems a bit daunting and overwhelming don’t fret. JK Paint and Contracting can redo your fireplace helping you realize your design vision. Our professional services can tackle painting your fireplace or even tiling over those bricks to give you a fireplace you will fall in love with.

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