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Top Signs It is Time to Replace Your Exterior Door

Sometimes daily wear and tear can go unnoticed in a home, especially when everyone has a busy schedule. The entryway door especially can go unnoticed for some time if your main entry into the home is through the garage. When the front door comes into question, how do you know when it is time to replace it with something new and more durable? Look for some of the following signs to know when the life of your exterior door has come to an end.


  1. Can you see the light? If daylight can be seen around the edges of the door, there is an issue with the seal. It’s not unusual for a door to lose its seal and develop small gaps between itself and the frame. The problem with seeing light is that heat and cold and also coming through lessening the energy efficiency of your central air and heating units.


  1. Do you use all of your strength opening or closing the door? It shouldn’t take a full body push to open or close your entryway door Chances are the door has warped or the house has settled causing damage to your door and the hinges. If this is the case your door probably needs replaced.


  1. Cracks, rotting wood, and mold. Old wooden doors are especially hard to maintain through changing seasons and weather. If your wooden door has cracks and is soft and rotting then it is past time to replace that exterior door. In old doors with glass windows look for moisture buildup in between the panes. If this happens you more than likely also have some mold growing in your door which poses some serious health risks.


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