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Should You Paint Your Woodwork?

Watch any home design channel, and you will see designers painting over a home’s original woodwork. The trend includes trim, baseboards, and even solid wood kitchen cabinets. So, what is the appeal that makes these trends so popular? Many traditionalists give a resounding cry when they see real wood being painted over in older homes but adding a coat of paint can help update, lighten up, and give the appearance of a cleaner space overall. If you are on the fence about whether or not to paint your woodwork consider some of the following pros to adding a fresh coat to tired old wood.

  • You don’t like the original stain. Much of the original woodwork found in older houses is stained a dark color making it difficult to brighten up your rooms. Even with a light color on the walls dark stain can make any space feel gloomy. Newer homes may have light oak stained woodwork which can feel out of date. Painting the woodwork, a clean shade of white or off-white will brighten up your home.
  • The wood doesn’t match. If wood work was added at different points during the life of your house it’s possible that it doesn’t match and lacks consistency throughout the rooms.
  • The woodwork is scratched or has mild damage. Instead of stripping and sanding your old woodwork it may be easier to paint it and cover up mild wear and tear. Painting over scratches and fading gives old wood trim a modern updated look that will take years off the appearance of your home’s interior.

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