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Painting Your Trim and Molding

planning a trim painting project
While nothing can replace the quality of work that a professional painter like JK Paint and Contracting can offer many individuals have decided to go the DIY approach to updating their homes. Many homeowners are looking at the woodwork around their homes and have decided to give that wood a fresh and updated look with a coat of paint. If you have yet to tackle a painting job that includes wood trim or crown molding, and you are feeling less than confident about doing so, there are a few ways to make things easier. These fine edges can be tricky to paint evenly and neatly without getting paint on ceilings walls and floors. Follow these steps for an even looking paint job that looks stylish and fits your own personal style. To begin your job, you will need to sand down any old paint that is already on the surface of your wood trim. If the wood is new it will need a coat of good quality primer so that the paint will go on evenly. Fill in any holes with mud or spackle and sand down before priming and painting. It is important to vacuum up or dust off any dust left behind sanding so that it doesn’t mix with the paint as you brush on each layer. Next, apply painters tape to the edges of walls, floors, and any other surfaces you don’t want to have paint on. Painters tape is different from regular tape because it comes off easily and won’t take paint from walls and other surfaces. Once the tape has been applied, you are ready to start painting. Using a medium size brush to cover a good amount of surface without running over onto walls and floors. When the job is finished, and paint is dry it is time to remove the painter’s tape and look at your beautiful new trim. Still a bit terrified? It’s okay. We handle jobs like this all of the time. Call us today, and we’ll make it look nothing short of amazing.